ISK 22.500 per person

About the hike

Bjarnarfell is a 750m high mountain right at the doorstep of Langjökull and Jarlhettur. Upon reaching the peak you are welcomed by a breathtaking view over the incredible landscape below. Make sure to bring your camera to get the perfect shot when we have reached the peak.

We begin our hike roughly at 100m above sea level and then progress upwards to the summit of Bjarnarfell at 750m. The total distance covered is about 9km.
Remember to wear proper hiking clothes and boots, as well as waterproof gear in case of sudden weather changes. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks!

What do we mean by snacks?

When hiking, especially in cold conditions, your energy needs double: Men: 5000 kcal / Women 4000 kcal
Eat at every break! As for energy bars – Snickers are the best! They are cheaper and usually taste better than proper energy bars. The caramel and chocolate give immediate energy while the nuts provide a good source of long-lasting energy.
Dark chocolate is another great option for an immediate energy boost. Don’t forget that chocolate also releases endorphins in your body which is a great mood booster too!


4 Hours


Daily from Reykjavík at 9:00 (am)

Level of Difficulty


Miscelleneus 28 final

Hike Duration

9 km


What to Bring

9 km

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