Sogin (Little landmannalaugar) in Reykjanes

About the hike

The Reykjanes peninsula with it’s vast lava fields also boasts the spectacular UNESCO Geosite named Sogin. Though the name affectionately used by locals “Little Landmannalaugar” is what we refer to it as well. A hike through an area of geothermal activity that produces a landscape with beautiful colors, stunning views and an unforgettable experience, all just a stones throw from Reykjavik. A perfect half day trip.

The geothermal area west of Djúpavatn, this colorful, hidden pearl is a sensitive and stunning area that we make sure to treat with the utmost respect.
The area bears a strong resemblance to the larger area of Landmannalaugar, with gorgeous and visually pleasing greenish ridges similar to Grænihryggur in Landmannalaugar

The hike is relatively easy, about 8 km and 4 hours total with plenty of stops for nature gazing.

We meet up at the parking lot at the eastern end of Djúpavatn, at the end of the gravel road  Vigdisarvallarvegur that should be accessible in all types of  cars during the summer time but might need 4×4 during the winter.

A perfect way to get outside of the city for half a day or squeeze in some nature appreciation before a flight or Blue Lagoon stop, come explore it with us and make a memory for life!


2-3 Hours


Parking lot at the east end of Djúpavatn. Contact us for possibility of pick-up.


15.990 ISK

Level of Difficulty


Time of Year

All year round

Group Size

2-30 people

Miscelleneus 28 final

Hike Distance

8-9 km (~5 miles)


Experienced and informative mountain guide. Pick-up as add-on is available but not included, contact us for details.


What to Bring

Walking boots, warm layers, wind- and waterproof layer, snacks and water.

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