Midnight Sun Glacier Walk

About the hike

This tour includes a lot of walking on a glacier and associated safety equipment is required. It is important to keep in mind that Snæfellsjökull is a fairly comfortable mountain to travel but has its dangers in poor visibility, such as cracks and falls from the top. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on good visibility so that it is possible to travel safely.

We will meet at Arnarstapi at 16:30 and review equipment and make travel plans, we give ourselves 1 hour for equipment checks, then we will pack the bags for the trip and get travel information. After that we get in the cars and drive up to 500m where we will start the walk at 19:00. For those who plan to camp, it is a good idea to arrive on time and have set up a tent and completed the facility fees before making an equipment check.

The group will travel in a rather quiet passage so that everyone feels good, we will make one short lunch break before we get up the slopes of Snæfellsjökull where the glacier takes over and we walk in a line. At this point it is good to eat well, keep warm because we will keep the line distance the rest of the way up the glacier. It is about 2 hours from where we go in a line to the top, we will place great emphasis on good line-tourism and go over at a slow pace.

When we reach the top, we will define risk areas, dress up and nourish ourselves. It is good to have warm clothes because it can be very bitter at the top around midnight and the slightest wind can make harsh winter conditions. If the weather allows, we will climb to a peak of 1446m, which is a steep section that requires a spear, ice ax and in most cases insurance. We hope that from 23:30 the midnight sun will start to shine at its most beautiful and in good conditions we should have good sun conditions until 01:00.

After photographing and enjoying the glory, we will hold down, still fit in well with the line work. Going down is simple but can take its toll as we will travel overnight and it is important to stay focused.

We focus on maintaining good nutrition and being efficient in our travels. We will aim to be in the car at 03:00 and hold the group.

Everyone should be well refreshed after the walk and get to a place to sleep in the Arnarstapi area as soon as possible. Waking up in a good summer at Arnarstapi is a unique experience and about getting a light morning walk and nourishing yourself well before heading back to Reykjavík. It is possible to expect 2.5 hours to drive back to town and it is good to have the day ahead so that there is no unnecessary stress after a short night’s sleep.




Select dates around the summer solstice of 2023


59.900 ISK

Group Size


Level of Difficulty

Above average


Hike with an experienced guide. Safety equipment. Drinks and snacks awaits the hikers at the end station.


What to Bring

It is recommended to wear layered clothing to be able to cope with the ever-changing weather in Iceland and feel good in the clothing, neither too hot nor too cold. Layering is usually in three layers, which can be jigsawed together depending on the weather and winds. The outer layer must be both waterproof and windproof. The middle layer is fleece or wool and the innermost layer, which is closest to the skin, keeps the body dry, so it is very important to keep the breath in the layers well. Therefore, it is completely forbidden to wear cotton, because it gets wet when we sweat and causes cooling e.g. in stops. It is important to wear the right foot equipment - waterproof walking shoes with special soles. A hat, mittens, scarves, sunglasses, sunscreen, ointment and a comfortable backpack are essential for all walks.
Please note that during our trips, hikers are NOT expected to wear COTTON CLOTHES.
Bring water / liquid, at least 2L per person. Also plenty of snacks for the day!

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