Hiking In ICeland

with Fjallhalla


The natural phenomenon of Grænihryggur’s emerald green ridge in Landmannalaugar is one of Icelandic nature’s most visually pleasing attractions with beautiful sights all along the way. A picturesque hike in Icelandic nature that in our opinion should be near the very the top of every must-see in Iceland list.


The 25 km Fimmvörðuháls Trek is without a doubt one of the most popular amongst both locals and travellers alike and has been for centuries. Hike between glaciers, volcanoes and stunning nature in the Icelandic highlands.


This is a long day trip or about 14-16 hours total. There are 195 km between Reykjavík and Landmannalaugar, or about 3 hours by car.

We walk in and up Halldórsgil and then walk down to Jökulgil. There you have to cross the glacier river Jökulgilskvísl 3-4 times by foot before you reach the magnificent phenomenon Grænahryggu


Högnhöfði is a majestic mountain in the Golden circle route. Reaching up 1002 m, it is quite the challenge. The name implies the head of a male cat, and you can see the ears of the cat when looking in the west direction, standing on the peak of Högnhöfði.


A bus leaves Reykjavík at 8. We drive into Kerlingarfjöll and go for a demanding hike and easier hike.

After the hike we go to a hot pool in Kerlingarfjöll. It’s also ideal to have a look at the restaurant and get a waffle and so on.

The bus returns to Reykjavík later in the day.

Midnight Sun

This tour includes a lot of walking on a glacier and associated safety equipment is required. It is important to keep in mind that Snæfellsjökull is a fairly comfortable mountain to travel but has its dangers in poor visibility, such as cracks and falls from the top. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on good visibility so that it is possible to travel safely.


In this valley is a hot spring where you can dip in and just enjoy the unspoiled nature landscape right in front of you.

Reykjadalur, which means “Smokey valley”, is a spectacular place next to the village of Hveragerði.


is a small mountain located just south and east of the White River next to Iða, which is the very same water running in Gullfoss waterfall. Vörðufell is a triangular shaped mountain and is located both in Biskupstungur and Skeiðum municipality. On the top of the mountain is a small lake, Úlfsvatn, where some Icelandic people tried to introduce arctic char but without any success. Its drainage is around a rugged rock, called Úlfsgil.

Úlfljótsvatn to Reykjadalur

Why not try to do some real hiking before taking a bath is this natural river? Do this this hike with us from Úlfljótsvatn to Reykjadalur hot spring, hiking through different terrains and with beautiful views.