hiking difficulties

Different trips can have different difficulty levels. Some hikes are easy and others are very intense. We try to categorise the difficulty of our different trips with a hiking boot system. Always remember that many factors can contribute to the difficulty of the trip and difficulty may change along the way due to unexpected events. Not only the technical challenges of the trail itself but also weather conditions, group spirit among other things can play an important role. The trips we offer can be purchased below, starting first with the easiest hikes and then increasing in difficulty with a trip rated with four boots at the bottom of the page. The glacier hikes up Snæfellsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull are rated as five boots.

Very Easy

This is the easiest level. One could compare this with a walk through the city. The trail is in very good condition and distances are short.


An easy but brisk walk. This could be compared with a hike on Esja up to the point Stein in good weather conditions. Trails are very well marked and of good quality. Spikes might be necessary when there are snow and ice on the mountain. There are no very steep or technical challenges on the trail. Good hiking boots (preferably Category AB or higher) and a suitable hiking outfit are necessary.


Most hikes Fjallhalla Adventurers offer are at this level or the next. Trails are relatively easy with some more adventurous parts, such as walking on snow or ice, technical passages or steep climbs/descends. This can be compared with a hike up to the summit of Esja in mixed weather conditions.


Imagine hiking up to the summit of Esja twice in one day. The difficulty level of the trail is not necessarily more demanding than a ‘Moderate’ hike, but due to the length of the trek or bad weather conditions, the trip gets more exhausting and adventurous.


Long and intense hikes that involve light climbing, crossing ice-fields or other challenges that may call for specific gear, knowledge and physique. In the case that the weather conditions turn to a heavy storm, a trip also gets the five boot level.