Frequently asked questions

Can I go on your hikes if I am scared of heights?

We definitely have plenty of options for you that you should be comfortable with. You will of course be accompanied by an experienced guide and they will always make sure your safety is not compromised. That being said, some of these hikes will have you traversing landscapes that might require you to accept a challenge, please feel free to contact us and speak with a guide about specific hikes until you feel comfortable with your choice.

Do you go on hikes no matter the weather and will I be refunded if you don’t?

We monitor the weather in the days and weeks before a hike. If you haven’t heard, Icelandic weather can be volatile so long term weather forecasts are rarely very accurate. 1-3 days before a trip we try to make a decision if we think the weather won’t cooperate in which case we will contact you. We will never take you on a hike where conditions are out of our control and if we decide to cancel you will have the option to rebook or be refunded in full.

Can I wear trail running shoes on your hikes?

We encourage everyone to wear hiking boots with good ankle support, especially if we have to traverse rocky landscapes. However, if you are comfortable and experienced with hiking in trail running shoes you should be fine in most of our hikes.

How much food and water should I bring?
  1. Depends on the hike of course, for longer full day hikes it’s definitely better to have too much than too little. We recommend no less than 1 L (¼ gallon / 34 oz.) of water high energy snacks like Icelandic fish jerky, pastries, energy bars, chocolate bars, nuts and chocolate raisins for example. In cold weather it’s good to have foods high in fat like cheese, salami or plenty of butter and oils on your food. For half day tours (2-5 hours) we’d recommend bringing 0,5 L (17 oz.) of water  sandwich and a banana, apple, nuts or whatever snack you fancy.
The tour doesn’t list a pick-up option and I can’t meet on location, what can I do?

Shoot us a line or a call and we’ll see what we can do. Most of the times we will be able to figure something out for you.

How should I be dressed?

Casual-mountain-chic is always a good look! That means being prepared for change in weather by being dressed in or bringing with you three layers of clothing.
Inner layer: Wooolen if possible, long-johns and long-sleeves.
Middle layer: Light hiking pants and a warm jumper/sweater made from fleece or wool preferably.
Outer layer: Wind- and waterproof pants and jacket, breathable material.
Other: Warm pair of gloves, warm hat, good shoes.

What equipment should I bring?

Depends on how long the hike is and what time of year it is but we recommend:
Phone (fully charged), power bank and charging cord, backpack, walking sticks, sunscreen, food, water, legwarmers (if snowy), headlight, crampons. If you want you can contact us about renting any of the equipment you don’t have with you. For more challenging trips please contact us to get an extensive list of essentials.

Am I in shape for this?

The range of hikes we have fits most fitness levels so if you feel up for it let’s give it a try!

Will we be walking fast?

Depends on you and the group. In bigger groups we will have two guides so front runners can roam freely and those that like to take their time also get to go at their own pace. We like to go at a pace that allows everyone to enjoy the scenery and connect with the nature around them.

I’m pregnant, is this an appropriate activity for me?

First of all, congratulations! Second, depends on the hike. It can be great to maintain some physical activity during pregnancy but don’t overdo it. We would really appreciate if you would consult with us before so we can advise and plan accordingly.

Are the guides certified?

They sure are! We have the cream of the crop at Fjallhalla with years of experience and all sorts of expertise and a genuine love for the outdoors. They take your safety very seriously and your enjoyment no-less so.

Are the hikes family friendly?

We are all family people here at Fjallhalla so it’s important to us to have hikes that are family friendly. Check out the selection and see what you like and shoot us a line to see if it’s appropriate for the age range of your family.

Do I need prior experience with hiking?

It won’t hurt to have some experience but the only thing we require is common sense.